Image Editing Solution
If you have a photo shoot or business schedule ahead? We help you get your image editing job done professionally. Signup for free trial today and discover how Clipping Path Photo works well for you.
Image editing solution? All-in-one

From image background remove to image retouch and manipulation and more – get a total image editing solution. Clipping Path Photo provides professional photo editing services for photographers, bloggers, designers, and internet retailers. We ease your time consuming photo editing hassle with our advanced tools and expertise. Clipping Path Photo gives you tool to power up business and creativity.

We respect deadlines.

Clipping Path Photo employs +6-time zone and Photoshop professionals to go give you best result before the deadline. We know the value of your time. At the end of the day you upload your images with full instruction and next day morning you get your job done.

We are worldwide

Switch between any device; from your desktop, tablet or any mobile device from anywhere of the world you can upload your image. Just in a few simple steps upload your images, and get your job done.

Customized for you

Get the Clipping Path Photo's budget friendly professional image optimization and image editing services like; raw conversion, adjusting exposure, color and contrast, bring back sharpness and details, crop, re size, straighten, remove red eye, remove objects, manipulation and retouch. We are obsessed with quality that's why have accumulated bunch of well experienced Photoshop geeks for image editing service. Here you will discover basic seamless workflow and also customized workflow to fit your general to specific needs. We cover basic fixation to retouch and manipulation in intuitive way. It's easy to set up your account, just send us mail and rest we will do for you. Get fast rapid responsive service. Receive alerts and get custom tips. We offer free trial to our valuable customer to experience the quality and speed of our services. You can send any file format of any size for your free trial offer.

Intuitive services, professional results

Clipping Path Photo is versatile enough to help to fulfill your image editing requirements. There is simple way to get started, and nothing to lose. You will be amazed at its simplicity and service.


Clipping path

If you are not professional retoucher, then what is good in spending hours on image editing when it gives you almost nothing? As an image editing service provider Clipping Path Photo knows the value of your time, that's why we offer you high quality affordable image editing services, so that can you put your time into marketing and stay ahead of your competitors in a competitive market. Hire us today.

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Advanced Masking

As we mentioned before in our remove the background/cutout service; for hard edged images,clipping path by the pen tool is most effective way to cut out, but the downside of this method is blurred edge is almost impossible to trace. Advanced technical selection refinement and advanced masking technique, works best for isolating blurred edged object from the image.

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Joel Grimes world renowned product photographer quoted "if fake sells, sell it". Beautiful looking stunning images attract clients and grow your business. And retouching makes simple image into incredible piece of art. The goal of retouching is to remove all the flaws without leaving a noticeable trace behind and make the image natural looking.

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Shadow Creating

What to do when you need to cast drop shadow or the dropped shadow is not realistic enough in your image? Shading and reflection; brings forth depth-ness and realism, texture, defines objects, distance and direction of the light from the object in an image. When you composite image on new or clean background it is essential to look it real.

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