10 new photography ideas you should try

10 New Photography Ideas You Should Try

10 New Photography Ideas You Should Try – Photography can be a choice of art. You can start it with any type of clicking experience. Just get a camera with you and get started clicking for your perfect picture. You can take many shots with your camera. But you have to try for the best photography ideas. Because the best photography idea can give you a unique experience. You can make the photographic eye using this idea at the click of your camera. Try to make this practice on your hand.

Here in this article, a big list of photographic ideas can make you more expert. You can improve your clicking style by enhancing your power. Try it at any level. Here is the beginning:



1. A Photographic Series

Photographic series can make your experience more glorious. It is like an old-to-be-born style. You can turn a common feature on it. Common means the light, the focusing item, the location, the subject, or the theme. Any shot can be made of this series.

You can judge the feelings, words, and colors of your focused subjects. The best part of this is you can make your ideas with each of the photography.

So what do you get with this series of photographic ideas? It can help you with a lot of things. You can mean each image with several ones. The entire series can make a big sense that can give you a greater plan. so a united series can give you different experiences and ideas.


2. The Box of Ideas

This single shot can make you a more consistent idea maker. Make a list of words that comes to your mind. Then write down on colored paper with separate thoughts. Any paper you can choose, like blue or white paper. You can choose any topic randomly, joy, fun, traveling, food, blonde, sky anything.
Now you can fold it and make a role. try to write it in capital words. It can help you to separate the words with paper. Also, you can identify them easily.

Put all the paper into a box or a cap. Make a choice daily and take a single click on it. You can make your decision gorgeous mentioning blue paper or other colored paper. It can widen your imagination and photography thoughts with a new aspect. But do not take it literally. It is just an idea making for your photography experience.



3. The Portable Object Shot

You can see some famous images on the internet with portable objects like a toy or statues.

In this photographic practice, your own portable object is always with you. And it can create intriguing photographs wherever you go. Practices can be a good way to create an original photographic series. Also, it can make a great idea-based entertaining shot. There are many photographers who are now creating this type of click.

Using their photographic sense it can make more fun and unique touch.



4. Black and White only

If you want to make people feel different ways about a subject then black & white can help you. It is a great idea to experience the inner details. Sometimes it can give you a more dramatic move on it.

You can feel the shadow, faces, contrast, and texture in it. You can invest your time if you want to make parameters for a suitable type of situation. So a black and white mode can give you deep experience in photography.



5. The Challenge of Reflections 

Do you ever make an idea of reflection? Yes, reflection can make a big shot and imagination. You can capture objects, animals, buildings, and anything you want. Just project it on a reflective surface. You can use any reflective materials like a mirror, showcase, sunglass, or polished metal. Also, a reflective camera lens can be used to get the best shot.

Be careful about the self-portrait shot. It can give you many difficulties taking a shot. But after capturing you can show the shot with a new viewpoint. It can be interesting to the viewer.


6. Close-up shots 

Is simple. Each camera, especially those with different lenses, uses different distances where to get sharp images. Just try it. Start standing, away from the subject, and try to get closer until you get the best focus. If you have the zoom, try to zoom in as much as possible and use the same technique.

This shot can give the deep material focus that manipulates the sole thought. You can make it yourself-experience that a photography course can not give you.



7. Effect out of focus

It is another simple technique. It is very beautiful at night when there are several lights around. On a DSLR just use the lenses manually and blur. Point the camera and focus on a subject near you. And then, while holding down the release button, move the scene to the point where you want to photograph it.

You can get the best experience if you can make a perfect shot on it. All is dependent on the camera positioning that your photography hand can make.



8. A Photo with Different Lights

To carry out this exercise, you will need to be able to control the light you have. No studio lighting is required, not even many flashes. Although, obviously, if you have a robust team or similar, you can take more advantage of it. In practice, a simple table lamp will serve us well.

If we all agree that light is everything in photography, this is an exercise to experiment with it. It is about trying to take the same photograph with different lights. We place our subject (person, animal, or object) on stage. And take different photographs with different lighting.

By doing this, you will delve into how light affects your images. Learn to master it and use it for your own photographic purposes. Eliminating or enhancing shadows. Or you can up the volumes depending on the case. Let’s see how many different lighting you can get!


9. Checkmate to Depth of Field

A chessboard is a great tool for practicing with the dreaded depth of field and aperture. You just have to place the pieces on the board in different locations and take photographs of the pieces.

Try to take different photos without moving from the same place. Or without changing the focal length, just by changing the f-number. First, try to get just one piece sharp. Then the pieces closest to the first row, then include the furthest ones. And finally, try to get the whole board sharp.

Also, pay attention to the chess lines to compose your photos well. Then focus on the point of interest that best suits you on each occasion. After this exercise, you will only have to leave the board and try other elements of the real world.



10. Short exposure

This is an excellent technique. For photographing moving subjects you can try to keep the image sharp. A good amount of light is needed, in fact, it is a perfect technique when the sun is shining. Set your camera to manual mode (M). Set the shutter speed from 1/250 to 1/320 seconds or more. It depends on the speed of movement of the subject to be photographed.

If you want the background out of focus, set the lens aperture to the lowest value. But if you want your photo to be sharper (and not just the subject), then set the aperture to a higher value. It takes a lot of practice to get the best results. Sometimes you need to set your ISO to higher values but try not to exceed 1000 otherwise the photos will be grainy.


Need Anything Else?

Of course. In fact, they are infinite. There are lots of exercises you can do to train, learn and, above all, improve. Surely even you yourself have some personal photographic exercises that you use often and that we have not included in this article …

Don’t hesitate! Tell us in the comments to help other photographers learn, we will all appreciate it!




10 New Photography Ideas You Should Try

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