10 photography mistakes that you are most probably making right now

10 photography mistakes that you are most probably making right now

10 photography mistakes that you are most probably making right now – Photography is fun. Most people love to capture pictures with their cameras. It’s a creative and enjoyable thing. A lot of people dream to take awesome pictures like professionals. Even they practice and invest time in it. Well, it’s really a good thing. But it’s important to follow a guide or something when you are learning something creative. A huge amount of guidelines and advice are available online. You can choose a trustworthy one and then learn.

When you are learning, it’s very common that you will make mistakes. But not to be frustrated. People learn from mistakes. But also, it’s necessary to figure out the mistakes. Otherwise, you will keep doing it consequently without realizing it. So, you have to follow a guideline about mistakes too.

Today, here we made a list of about 10 most common photography mistakes that you are most probably making right now. Hope can figure out and acknowledge them so that you can prevent them while you are taking pictures.


1. Capturing without proper focusing

Sometimes you might notice that even when your camera is capturing a picture from a steady place, it becomes blurry and not sharp. The reason behind this annoying incident is the focus. When you capture a picture with the focus on the wrong place, your main subject may become blurry and unsharpened. Most commonly it happens when you keep your camera set to autofocus mode.

Well, sometimes autofocus helps a lot. But sometimes it may disappoint you. It often focuses on the wrong thing. So, when you are capturing something great and from a different perspective, try not to use the autofocus mode. Manually focus on your main subject’s eyes. And if you are a beginner, you shouldn’t use autofocus mode because it becomes a wall on your way to creativity.


2. Positioning subjects wrongly in the frame

A picture is a frame that you want to show people. In a frame, there will be a main subject and co-subjects. Sometimes if you capture the image properly and maintain the light, and focus, it still becomes a bad picture just because of wrong positioning. One of the common mistakes of this kind is placing the main subject always in the middle of the frame. You have to decide where you are gonna put your main subject and other elements in the frame before you shoot. If you position them randomly and you are not aware of what you are doing, it may produce a confused and not-good-looking photo.

To prevent such incidents, you may follow some common but smart positioning techniques. The most useful technique is ‘The rule of thirds’. Try it, and you will realize how it differs.


3. Using low shuttering speed

This is one of the major reasons for blurry and shaky photos. When you capture a picture with a low shutter speed, you really can’t expect a sharp image. Especially when you are trying to capture a frame where some elements are moving. Slow shuttering effects cause motion blur effects on the moving objects. It decreases the sharpness and stillness of a picture.

A common solution to this problem is to use a shutter speed more than the camera lens’s focal length. For example- if your lens focal length is 50mm, then your shutter speed should be more than 1/50 fps.


4. Thinking about only the main subject

This is a common mistake that beginners make. When you shoot a picture, maybe you are giving you all concentration on the main subject. If you do this, STOP! You are making a mistake. The main subject isn’t the only element of a frame. While you are taking a picture, there will be a lot of elements surrounding your main subject.

As a general rule, your main subject should be the one who gets more attention from viewers than other elements. But, if your frame contains any destructive element that steals viewers’ eyes from the main subject, it would be considered a bad picture.

So, when you are photographing, look around the whole frame for any distractions. If you find any, try to get rid of it.


5. Forget to check the camera setting

Capturing a picture without checking the camera setting is a great mistake. You could have set some different settings earlier to capture a setting. And now when you are capturing a different situation or a different composition, the previous setting may not match with this. On the contrary, it may ruin your picture.

So, you shouldn’t make such a mistake. Checking the camera setting before capturing a picture is good practice. Try to obey this rule on photo shooting.


6. Not learning or trying something new

Photography is a creative work. The more you practice and learn, the better photographer you will become. So, if you think you have learned common techniques and others and you stop learning that’s a huge mistake.

Perhaps you can capture good pictures now. But if you keep practicing, you will be better. And when you experiment or try something new, you always learn and develop your skills. When you have a camera and basic knowledge, sitting without exercise is just a waste of time. Also, it may affect your obtained knowledge badly.


7. Shooting only on automatic mode

Perhaps, the automatic setting for ISO, aperture, exposure, focus, etc helps you take pictures quickly without much measuring. But is it good enough while shooting some really good pictures?

Using automatic mode prevents you from being creative. It’s a blockage for your flexibility. Famous and good photographers set their own settings manually depending on the scene. Automatic settings may give a good picture, but with manual settings and creativity, it becomes something more.


8. Not cleaning the camera lenses

Obviously, you don’t use your camera only inside your home. You have to take it outside to photograph nature and amazing scenes. So it’s very common that your camera lens gets dirty. Now, your camera lens plays a vital role in photographing. Your camera gets lights through the lenses. If the lenses are covered with dirt or stains, your photograph is most probably gonna be blurry and low quality.

So, don’t forget to clean and wipe your camera lenses. It’s good practice too. Just be careful while you are cleaning them. Roughly and hardly cleaning may cause the lenses to get scratched. Use the micro-fiber cloth and clean them gently.


9. Place the camera only on eye-level

We all are used to seeing something from our eye level. Of course, it’s because our eyes are eye-level! But when you are taking pictures with your camera, do not always place the camera at eye level.

Try different perspectives instead. Because sometimes some scenes look great from different perspectives while it’s nothing special from the eye level.

Photography is an inventive work. You have to always think about something different. So, let it start by changing the perspective while capturing photos. You will know then why different perspectives matter.


10. Not keeping backups of the photos

You may not realize now how important it is. It’s really a great disaster when you work hard and capture some unique pictures then somehow they get lost. You should always keep your pictures safe from this. Most people just make the same mistake by trusting their memory cards. But mind that it can be lost and it may malfunction.

So, always keep cloud and hardware backup for your pictures.




10 photography mistakes that you are most probably making right now 

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